Who we are

The Fuoco Capri Jewels are the result of a refined stylistic research that has its roots in the echoes of Ancient Myths. The Supreme Father of Greek Mythology, Homer, links the birth of the Faraglioni, symbol of the island of Capri, to the fury of Polyphemus. The Cyclops, wounded and deceived by Ulysses, began to throw boulders at the boat of the fleeing Greek Hero, thus shaping the Faraglioni of the island. In the Aeneid, the poet Virgil tells that the Faraglioni were populated by Sirens, very dangerous creatures, half girls with a persuasive voice and half fish. But that’s not all. The word “faraglione” derives from the Greek word pháros, meaning “lighthouse”. On the top of the Faraglioni, in fact, in ancient times large fires were lit during the night, with the aim of showing the correct route to sailors. pháros, ovvero “faro”. Faraglioni, according to popular beliefs that have survived up to the present day, are considered a symbol of fertility and love. Fuoco Capri jewels have been created from the combination of these different elements: jewels with classic shapes, but with modern hints, able to enhance the femininity of the woman wearing them.

The jewels are made of 925 silver and divided into 3 different collections (Classic, Pavé, Love), each with its own unmistakable and unique style. Fuoco Capri Jewels are perfect gifts for any occasion and anniversary.

Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings: a collection with a defined style, but always in line with the contemporary stylistic trends. 

Inspired by a myth Worn to be part of it